Roman Reigns can break MS Dhoni’s record, WWE legend’s shocking statement

MS Dhoni and Roman Reigns are counted among the celebrities of the world. Former Indian captain Dhoni has created several records on the cricket field. constant Roman Reigns has been rocking the WWE for several years. Dhoni and Baarish have achieved fame in different sports, so it would be dishonest to compare the two. But now Roman Reigns’s lawyer Paul Heyman has given a shocking statement about former Indian captain MS Dhoni. , Paul wrote in response to a post on his Instagram story, ‘My tribal chief Roman Reigns will break Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s record on the cricket field. And this is something that everyone should accept. Dhoni is not active on social media so Paul hardly gets any reply.

shocking post

However, this can be not the primary time that Paul has created a stunning post regarding MS Dhoni. within the year 2019, the independent agency praised MS Dhoni’s victimization of Paul Heyman’s picture dialogue. Heyman then tweeted and demanded royalties from the independent agency for the victimization of his dialogue. Dhoni is enjoying the long break from the sport. Recently Dhoni was seen enjoying the United States of America Open 2022 with former captain Kapil Dev. Dhoni also toured the UK after the end of the IPL, where he was seen during the India-England series and the Wimbledon Championships Dhoni has been confirmed to play in IPL 2023 and he can yet again captain metropolis Super Kings.

Dhoni won 3 ICC titles

Dhoni won three independent agency titles MS Dhoni retired from international cricket on fifteen August 2020. Dhoni completes his last international match against New Sjaelland within the 2019 tournament. MS Dhoni, 41, scored 17266 runs in 350 ODIs, ninety-eight T20 Internationals and ninety take a look at matches. throughout this, he scored 108 half-centuries and sixteen centuries. beneath Dhoni’s position, Team Republic of India was no-hit in winning 3 independent agency titles. At the same time, Dhoni has made his team CSK champion four times in the IPL.

Paul Heyman gave a statement about Dhoni

Paul Heyman gave a statement regarding Dhoni MS Dhoni, the previous captain of Team Republic of India cricket team, which has crores of fans everywhere around the globe. He created and destroyed many records during his tenure. At the same time, other cricketers have also broken his record. But WWE legend Paul Heyman has recently surprised everyone by making a strange statement for Mahi. He is aforesaid that WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns can destroy Dhoni’s cricket record. MS Dhoni’s name is enclosed within the list of no-hit captains of the globe. And why did not he do such an effort that no captain has been ready to do to date? Dhoni is the sole captain in the world to possess the crystal rectifier Republic of India to the T20 tournament in 2007, the ODI tournament in 2011, and also the Champions Trophy in 2013. he’s the sole captain to win these 3 trophies. except this, he has crystal rectifier metropolis Super Kings to the title fourfold within the IPL beneath his position. understand what’s the complete matter World Wrestling diversion (WWE) Paul Heyman is presently in the news for the stunning claim created regarding MS Dhoni on social media by former Indian team captain MS Dhoni.

know what is the whole matter

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Paul Heyman is currently in the news for the shocking claim made about MS Dhoni on social media former Indian team captain MS Dhoni. Let us tell you that Paul Heyman is a well-known and popular figure in the world of wrestling, he is currently working as an advocate and manager for his client Roman Reigns, who is the WWE Universal Champion. In fact, on the occasion of his 57th birthday on September 11, Paul Heyman has made a big claim while trying to troll the iconic cricketer MS Dhoni badly on social media. Since Paul Heyman never leaves a single opportunity to promote his client Roman Reigns on social media, he has made a lot of headlines this time with the help of Dhoni.

Let us tell you that the WWE icon trolled MS Dhoni in his Instagram story saying that the undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns will break all the records set by the former Indian captain on the cricket field. At the same time, he asked his fans to accept this truth as well. Paul Heyman wrote in his Instagram story: “My tribal chief Roman Reigns will break all MS Dhoni’s records on the cricket field, and this is something everyone must accept.

Earlier, Paul Heyman had praised MS Dhoni in a very funny way on a viral post shared by the ICC ahead of the 2019 World Cup, where the ICC used a catchphrase, which was linked to the WWE icon, whose Heyman later demanded royalties. ICC. The ICC then tweeted praising MS Dhoni, “Eat, sleep, finish the game and repeat”, a phrase used by Paul Heyman with his previous client Brock Lesnar. It is known that MS Dhoni was recently seen participating in the matches of the US Open.

Can Roman Rance break Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s record?

You all know that Roman Reigns is currently running in WWE. He has been the champion for three years. His tribal chief gimmick has become famous. WWE legend Paul Heyman has a big hand behind his success. In fact, Paul Heyman wrote in response to a post, my Tribal Chief Roman Reigns will break Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s records on the cricket field and this is something that everyone should accept. Roman Reigns always says accept him. This pillow of his is becoming very famous for some time now. Paul Heyman has said the same thing.

By the way, Paul Heyman has given statements about Dhoni many times before this. He praised Dhoni many times. Even once Paul Heyman was Brock Lesnar’s advocate, he created a press release through a tweet. The story that Paul Heyman has a place during this time is additionally turning into the terribly infective agent. Dhoni’s fans area unit responding to Paul Heyman by commenting in an exceedingly tremendous method.

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